Sunday, January 17, 2010


have not been updating this blog for long time... hehehehe.. :p

So here it is a short short update... i am on Cinema Online at this very beginning of the year... wahahaha..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday & Sept update

It has been very long since i update my blog...

Finally!!! i m BACK!!! after such a long time.. hahahaha..
no much thing happen recently.. since my last blog which is in August.. :P

in term of work.. i have move on to a new role but 100%. as of now is 50/50.
50% on the work that i m doing all this while... and 50% on the role that i was abt to map to.

one of my boss is leaving the current team and also Malaysia.. T_T

My birthday just over.. so is belated now.. : Thanks to all who wish me on facebook, msn, sms n etc... hahaha.. :)

i got myself a belated birthday present.. i got it on Sat, 26 Sept 2009 and directly head to Malacca.. :p and back to KL few hours ago... :P

r u wondering what is the present i get for myself??? wahahahaha


and with it.. i take a few shot in Malacca... here u go... :)

will be heading back hometown soon for 5 days.. :)
looking forward to it n

Cheers. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

freaking day.. T_T

today when come back from lunch... me n my friend nearly met an accident..
it was just like the scene in the movie, Mission Impossible, Fast n Furious.. u name it.. :S

all the sudden de car just lost control and fly spun toward us.. I can even see the car beneath when it is spinning.. and it spun almost 4 turn b4 it stop.. and it landed just BEHIND my friend car...lucky my in front got no car, and most importantly my friend accelerate... : no matter how SLEEPY u r... i god damn sure u will be AWAKE...

at the very beginning what i saw is lots of dust and sand.. n second later, what appear from there is a car flying spun out like transformers abt to transform. from that moment my 1st expression WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

simple drawing below to illustrate the scene. Red is the accident car... Blue is my friend car where i am in there.. : you can see how near that is.. in the middle i put trees because this road has NO divider.. :S along the road is just plantsss... until now i still can picture the scene in my brain..

Thank god we are ok..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

funny... :p

de other day when i was doing a backup on my laptop.. i found this 2 screen shot which i find it funny yet ridiculous & unbelievable.. hahaha.. :p

before that let me explain what i did when came across this 2 pic..
I was trying to copy some file from here over to US.. :p

This is the 1st screen shot... it said it needed 9764 Days and 2 hours which is equal to 26 years++ time to get this copied....

de 2nd screen shot is even more unbelievable.. :P

it required 15954 days and 17 hours which this will took half of your life time to get the thing you wanted to the location.. : By the time the file get copied over to the location, perhaps you have.... :P

just to share something funny... :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

bad day.. :S

yest, 15/5/09, is a bad day for me..
after work.. i was thinking of going home place my stuff b4 head out as i need to fetch my sister..
but who know... the moment i reach the home... standing in front of the door.. i found only my car key inside my pocket.. :S

then i gave a call to my colleague, ask him if he saw any key on my desk or locker.. YES!!! is the ans.. i was like OMG.. what should i do now.. : no choice i have to go somewhere that i can sit down.. so pool side is the place that struck my mind..

wait for my sister for half hour... sitting at pool side staring at the coconut tree.. :P
when my sis told me that she had arive.. i head out to fetch her..

and the BEST part is........

she also DIDN'T bring the hse key with her... :p so..
end up going to carrefour taking dinner, and shopping while waiting for my bro-in-law as he is the only person that have the key... :p

what else could have happen?? during shopping... i accidentally cut my finger.. and it bleed on the spot... :'(


my sis receive sms from my bro-in-law that he have a conference call until 10pm... and at the time we receive the sms is only 9:00pm.. :

Thursday, May 14, 2009

new style...

have been playing with photoshop lately..
out of sudden.. i feel like changing the style of my blog.. i spend few hour creating this...
i get the idea from a "THX" photo i took in the cinema at 1U during a workshop... i know camera is not suppose to be in there.. :p but i m not there for movie.. so... hehehe.. who care.. hahaha..

this is the outcome from my brain.. :P

i name this "Artistic Blue"
feel free to comment.. all kind of comment will be accepted.. :D

hope u all like it.. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nite Race.. :p

1st time ever nite race.. hahaha..
this is not those illegal race.. :P

this is my 1st time ever to race in a go kart and the race is during nite time... :

let the photo do the talking.. :)

karts that we r driving.

my partner, Kong Siang...

as stated in the title, this is a nite race..

this is how the track look like when i m out there racing.. ;)

this is 1 nice, exciting experience.. :)